In the world of theater, an “Angel” is a financial backer who ensures the show will go on. Angels have never been more important than in the past year and a half in allowing us to preserve the past, protect the present, and prepare for the future of Theatre Harrisburg.

We acknowledge and thank with deep gratitude the following donors who have contributed financially in various ways at a time of critical importance in the life of Theatre Harrisburg. They have literally helped keep the lights burning brightly so the curtain can rise again. It is because of our donors that we can present our 96th season opening October 2021. THANK YOU!

Celestial ($10,000+)

Capital BlueCross
Richard and Mary Ann Morse
Penn State Health
Post Acute Medical
Gary and Sylvie St. Hilaire

Heavenly ($5,000 - $9,999)

Wayne and Bessie Coyne
David R. Echnoz
Carmen and Tonia Finestra
Lois Lehrman Grass
Julia Groh Johns
K&W Engineers
Jay and Nancy Krevsky
Kathleen Krevsky
PSEA - Rich Askey, President
David and Donna Schankweiler
James and Jill Smeltzer

Archangel ($2,500 - $4,999)

Jim and Jean Grandon
Michael L. Greenwald
Margaret Hathaway
KR MacDonald, Inc.
Krevsky Bowser
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Joseph T. and Helen M. Simpson Foundation
William W. Warren, Jr.
Weaver’s Glass & Building Specialties Inc.

Guardian ($1,000 - $2,499)

Boyer & Ritter LLC
The Brownold Family Fund of TFEC
    on behalf of Mr. Melvin Brownold
Rebecca Craft
Front Street Diner
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Gassner
Peggy A. Grove
Thomas G. Hostetter
Betty Hungerford
Solomon and Katy Krevsky
Marc Kurowski
Bill and Beverlee Lehr
Becky S. Mease and Anthony Barber
William and Jane Murray
Scott Shearer
Marjorie M. Sherman
David Skerpon and Chris Baldrige
Susquehanna Art Museum
The William and Virginia Brody Fund of TFEC
Kimberly Turner
David W. Volkman
Ron Wetzel and Nathan Hench
Mindy Werner
Walt and Donna Winch

Diamond ($750 - $999)

Carole DeSoto
Patricia and Rolen Ferris
Ken and Sue Fry
Marilyn Derr Kauffman
Tim and Mary Webber Weston

Platinum ($500 - $749)

Shirley J. Aichele
Marion C. and Bill Alexander
Auchincloss Family Fund of TFEC on behalf of
     Mrs. S. Sloan Auchincloss
Dr. Robert C. Lau and E.M. Avery
Cathy and David Deitz
Eric Dundore and Jonneke Van Olden
Leon and Francine Feinerman
Alison Reed Fry
Joe and Deb Gargiulo
Mark and Susan Glessner
Suzanne Graney
The Sara and Gilbert Hammer Fund
James Hayney
Robert and Sharon Herr

(Platinum cont'd)
Nicholas and Ellen Hughes Fund of TFEC
Fran Hummer
Joan Derricks Kraft
Sydney Kyler
Stephen MacDonald and Mary Warner
John and Lynn Malakin
Larry and Mitzi Means
Amy and Michael Rosenberry
Diane and Gary Rothrock
The Form Foundation of TFEC on
     behalf of Seward and Debra Ryan
Dan and Patty Schwab
Kristin Scofield
Julie Sherman
Ya-Ting Chang and Peter Sirotin
Lebanon Valley College
     – Lewis and Dorry Thayne
Dr. Marcia Wilf
Scott and Carrie Wissler-Thomas
Carole Yon and Donald Coffee

Gold ($250 - $499)

Ted and Shelley Adler
William Anderson
Kristin and Kory Auch
Bruce G. Baron, Esq.
Carla L. Baum
Sarah Baylor
Esther and Ed Beck
Bill Blando
Mark A. Bradshaw
Rebecca J. Bremer
Howell P. and Nancy S. Brookes
Gilbert Brown and Pedro Lozada
Dr. and Mrs. Bennett Chotiner
Joseph Dorbian
Carl C. Dudeck, Jr.
Arthur and Sue Dym
Rick and Linda Farrell
A Friend
David and Stacy Feldman
Marsha J. Fortney
Larry Freedman
Edward H. Fuhrer
Terry and Wanda Godar
Robert and Mimi Goodling
Maggie Grotzinger and Mark Glick

Gold Cont'd
Ron Guss
Dr. Roger and Joyce Gustavson
Robert and Amy Hall
Jim and Mimi Handshaw
A Friend
James and Jill Hoffmann
Nicholas Hughes
Jeffrey Kolva, JA Kolva, Inc.
Kevin Kateluzos, Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz
Dr. Michael Katzman and Dr. Margery Wasko
Doris and George Krevsky
Samuel Kuba
George and Eileen Kunkle
Ken and Karen Lehman
Shirley H. Leisure
Susan and Shep Lewis
Bryan and Deb McKee
Joshua Millman and Deborah Abel-Millman
Steven and Roxanne Morgan
Bebe Mullaugh and Jeff Lynch
Sondra S. Osler
David Payne
Clair and Paul Pocavich
Claire Powers and Joe McLaughlin
Shelley and David Remmel

Gold Cont'd
Mark Shelleman
Conrad and Gail Siegel
Hilary M. Simpson
Geoff and Joan Sowers
Alyce Spector
Stonebridge Financial Group
Gregg Warner
Allen Weinberg and Mona Krevsky
Mary and Roy Zimmerman
Marlene and Ken Zook

Silver ($100 - $249)

Richard and Marilyn Abrams
Cordell Affleldt
Don and Anne Alsedek
Beth Anderson
Nancy and Ron Bachman
William Bader
Susan Barber
Frank and Rosemary Battista
Bruce and Barbara Bazelon
Carol Beamesderfer
Diane Beible

Silver Cont'd
Lorri and Ted Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Beyer
Anna Bianco
Lawrance Binda
Janice R. Black and Jenny Black
Ms. Myerlin Bloom
Phil and Leslie Bloom
Roy and Jen Brenner
Mark and Amanda Brosdky
Susan Brubaker and Lynda Goldstein
Marcia Bryant
David Burns
Rabbi Carl S. Choper
Erik and Robyn Chotiner
Keith and Linda Clark
Vicki England Cloos
Marcia and Sandy Cohen
Kate and Ron Conard
Steven and Jefferson Creps-Rouqeau
Tom and Jonelle Darr
Anne Davis
Madeleine and Charles DeHart
Woody Derricks
Robin and Carolyn Dorff
Margery Krevsky Doset

Silver Cont'd
John Dresslar
Laura Dugan
John and Michelle Duggan
“Dee and Bob” Eberly
Dawn and Curt Eichelberger
Raymond and Linda Enders
Ella Mae and George Erford
Robert and Sara Feathers
Thomas Fink, Maggie Loyd
James and Carol Ford
Richard Fowler
Michael Fox and Tara Stevens
Barbara Furst
Anya Gilbertson
Deb and Lucy Glorius
Michael L. Gluck
A Friend
Dan and Gloria Grabenstein
Cynthia Graeff
Lynn Graham
Mary Ann E. Guerrisi
Estelle Hartranft
Pat Hartranft
Katie Stegmeir Helm
Representative Sue Helm

Silver Cont'd
Sharyn Herzog
Scott, Gaye, and Megan Hicks
Sally Hitz
Carol and Arthur Hoffman
Michael Hostetter
Jonathan and Beverly Hudson
Justus and Laura Humphrey
Andy Isaacs
Stephen and Jill Jahn
Christopher Johnson
Dr. Jim and Sandy Jones
Dr. John and Ann Marie Judson
Harriet L. Katz
Rabbi Peter Kessler
Marilyn Klein
Sally Klein
Ross Kline and Pamela Datsko
Sanford and Sandra Krevsky
Martin and Sheri Lane
Marney R. Lappley
Paul and Mimi Latchford
Kim and Gail Ledger
M. Kent and Kay Packer Leid
Lynne and Dean Leis
Ron Lench

Silver Cont'd
Tanya Leshko and Joseph Blevins
Victoria Levine
Yehoshua Levine
Carol Levinthal
Kenneth Lewis, Esq.
Patti and Gary Lightman
Samuel S. Lindenberg
Mark Lingenfelter
Robert Little
Betty K. MacLaughlin
Mark E. and Neysa O. Maisel
Dr. Robert Marcus
Rachel and Michael Mark
James H. Massey, Jr.
Shari Massini
Barbara and Clyde McGeary
Robert and Mary F. McManiman
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mead
Scott Miller
Elliott Miller and Jenine Cohen
Mickey Minnich
Betty Lou and Ed Mittong
John D. and Kathy G. Montgomery
David J. Morrison
Bill Murphey

Silver Cont'd
Jack and Mary Murray
Martin and Lucy Murray
Paul and Amy Murray
Helen and Spencer Nauman
Mel Nelson
Bradley Newman
Dave Olmsted
Janet Olsen
Carol Pennington
Devon Powers
Tamar and Glenn Krevsky Puckett
Lisa Ritter
Janet and Larry Robertson
Polly Rubendall
Drs. Wendy Schaenen and Anand Jagannath
Alan and Caren Schein
Don and Barbara Schell
Marie B. and Carl W. Schleicher
Cindy Shultz
Dr. Samuel E. and Carol Selcher
Adam M. Sheinvold
Ellen M. Siddons
Dick and Pam Snyder
Bobby Snyder
Bill and Carol Spahr

Silver Cont'd
Lee Spitalny
Corey and LuAnn Stein
Herbert and Harriet Stein
Ruth Sutton
Sheila Targan
Felix Thau and Roberta Silver
Ford and Nancy Thompson
Leonard Tintner
Drs. Jan and Barry Towers
Martha Traverse
Jeannine Turgeon and Luther Millspaw, Jr.
Bug Walker
Rita C. Wambach
Rebecca Ward
Marcie Warner
Timothy and Mary Webber Weston
    In and Out Fund of TFEC on behalf
    of Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy Weston
Eleanor Weigle
Michael and Miriam Weinstock
Laura Weis
Joan and Horst Wels
Dean and Marcia Wharton
A Friend
Timi Joan Conway Wolov

Silver Cont'd
Susan Wong
Toby Yoffe
Viki and Jere Zarkin
Judith L. Zerbe
Louann and Robert Zinsmeister

Patron ($50 - $99)

Jay and Nell Abom
Vince and Michelle Allen
James Allwein
Susan Ambrose
Susan L. Anthony
Sarah E. Appleby
Robert and Chantal Atnip
Cynthia Baker
LTC Harvery S. Bartash and Helena K. Bartash
Diane Bateman
Mike and Beth Berney
Charles and Virginia Berry
Karen Diener Best
Amy and Kevin Bobb
Shirley J. Bolan
Eugene Borza and Kathleen Pavelko

Patron Cont'd
Joan Frey Boytim
Ann Fryer Burke
Ronald and Beth Butler
Alan and Cory Ceperich
Brendalynne Danowitz
Harvey and Barbara Danowitz
Paige Danowitz
Ray Davis
Shirley Dearing
David and Sherri Delbiondo
Robert and Eliz DeSousa
Michael and Ricci Doctrow
Shari and Aaron Dym
Steven and Kristen Etter
Wendy Faust
Ed Finkelstein
Jessie C. Fordham
Walter and Trish Foulkrod
Rickie Freedman
Charles E. Friedman
Anna Gabor
Brad, Cindy and Julia Garfinkel
Louise Garland
Denise Gmerek
Holly Green

Patron Cont'd
Joyce Green
Edna L. Hafer
Jenn, Steve, and Xavier Hall
Monica Haltrecht
Michael and Nancy Heit
Linda Herman
Drs. John and Josée Homza
Jim and Peg Huebner
Beverly Isaacman
Jessica Jacobs
Betsy and Murray Katz
Joseph C. and Patricia Keammerer Brown
Robert Kerr
Leslie Kocher
Jonathan W. Kunkel
Christine Lahr
Marybeth Lehtimaki
Eileen Marcus
Neely and Jim Meals
Cindy Melamed
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Meyers
Charlotte Flynn Michalski
Beth Mihmet and Sarah Myers
Bruce and Joan Miller
Barbara and Victor Morrison

Patron Cont'd
Doris Moses
Eric Nelson
Robert Ness
Herb and Donna Nurick
Don and Nancy O’Hara
Sandra Olley
Frank and Karen Paris
Herb and Marcy Parnes
Jill Parnes
Sandra M. Patrick
Katherine Pickering
Ron and Barbara Plesco
Sidney and Hanna Pollack
Nat Putterman
Ben, Larry and Deb Rand
Sara Rappolt
Beth and Dave Reeser
Patti Rizi
Allen Rosen
Jacob and Amanda Rosen
Nina Rovner
Myra and Stuart Sacks
Amy Sauertieg
Phyllis M. Schell

Patron Cont'd
Drs. Aron Lukacher and Saundra Schoicket
David and Susan Schultz
Patricia Sells
Hasu P. and Hersha H. Shah
William and Heidi Shakely
Lawrence Silver
Zachary and Nancy Simmons
Vicki Smeltz
Deborah and Harold Spencer
Matt Spencer
Dimitra Stambaugh
Andrea Stephenson
Brian Straub
Cynthia M. Sussman
Heidi and Rob Sykes
Stephen Velott
Kathleen Venneri
Sue Ward-Diorio
Steven J. and Enid Wassner
Alan and Kathi Weinstein
Lee and Mark Weinstein
Charles D.A. Wilson
Karen Williams
Bert and Jack Winieski

Patron Cont'd
Sandra Winn
Jeffrey Woodyard
Charles and Susan Wright
Sue Yenchko
David Yinger

Angel (up to $49)

Nancy Bayuk
Barbara and John Butari
Thomas Caruso
Curt Dale Clark
Brian and Glenda Dechowitz
Reuel Deppen and Christine Wnuk
Robert and Cheryl Dohman
Diane Dugan
Terry Fisher
Peter Frengel
Sandra Gardosik
Becky Gianopoulos
Diane and Mike Goldberg
Alvin and Iris Goodman
Jeff and Becky Jacobs

Angel Cont'd
Rena and Larry Kass
Chuck and Ruth Kline
Rob Martin
Joan McInnis
Myra and Neil Pompian
Sandra Rabin
Martin and Janice Radiss
Coral Rosen
Larry and Hallie Rosen
Linda Runk
Eva and Lee Seigel
Mickey Shapiro
Nathan Short
Robin and Stu Slavin
Betty Stambaugh
Dianne Tiboni
Dr. Michael Tickner
Edward and Tammy Tosti
COL.(R) and Mrs. H.L. Van Brederode
Julia Vance
John Wilson and Lawrence Allen

Foundation and Government Grants

Dauphin County Economical Development
The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
The Hall Foundation
The Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation
McCormick Family Foundation
PA Council for the Arts