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2022-2023 Supporters can be found in our Season 97 Playbills



Richard and Mary Ann Morse


$5,000 – $9,999 

Andy and Audry K. Carter 

Wayne, Bessie and Megan Coyne 

Carmen and Tonia Finestra 

Julia Groh Johns 

Jay and Nancy Krevsky 

Lois Lehrman Grass 

Donna and David Schankweiler 

From the Bill and Beverlee Lehr Fund for Theatre Harrisburg, a charitable fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC)


$2,500 – $4,999

Joseph T. and Helen M. Simpson Foundation 

Michael L. Greenwald 

From the Margaret B. Masters Fund #2, a charitable fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). 

Ron Wetzel and Nathan Hench 

Walt and Donna Winch 


$1,000 – $2,499

The Hall Foundation 

McCormick Taylor, Inc employee charity committee on the recommendation of Becky Mease. 

Okan Akay 

Brownold Family Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, on behalf of Melvin Brownold 

Carl Dudeck, Jr. 

The Fry Family 

Gertrude and Rudolf Gassner 

Ms. Peggy A. Grove 

Margaret Hathaway 

From the William and Virginia Brody Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, on behalf of Daniel and Patrick Hughes 

Betty Hungerford 

Solomon and Katy Krevsky 

Becky S. Mease and Anthony Barber 

Mr. William F. Peterson 

Diane and Gary Rothrock 

R. Scott Shearer 

Marjorie M. Sherman 

James and Jill Smeltzer 

From the Alyce and Morton Spector Philanthropic Fund #1, a charitable fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). 

Kimberly Turner 

David W. Volkman 

Mr. William W. Warren Jr 

Mindy Werner 


$750 – $999 

No Season 96 Supporters at the Diamond Level


$500 – $749 

Anthony and Kimberly Almodovar 

Auchincloss Family Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities on behalf of Susan Auchincloss 

E.M. Avery and Robert C. Lau 

Bruce G. Baron 

Karen Krok and Matthew Caples 

Rebecca Craft 

Cathy and David Deitz 

Marilyn Derr Kauffman and Kyle Kauffman 

Joan Derricks Kraft 

Carole DeSoto 

Shaun Eng 

Rick and Linda Farrell 

Patricia and Rolen Ferris 

Mark and Susan Glessner 

Robert and Mimi Goodling 

Suzanne Graney 

Robert and Amy Hall 

James and Beverly Hayney 

From the Nicholas and Ellen Hughes Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, on behalf of Mr. Nicholas Hughes. 

Fran H. Hummer 

Bruce Kolka 

Sydney Kyler 

Karen and Ken Lehman 

John and Lynn Malakin 

David Payne 

Paul and Clair Pocavich 

Darren Riddle 

Karen Ruch 

From the Form Foundation Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, on behalf of Seward and Debra Ryan 

Conrad and Gail Siegel 

Unifi Advisors LLC on behalf of Stephen J. Landersman and Dr. Amy Taylor Avery 


$250 – $499 

Ted and Shelley Adler 

Mrs. Shirley J. Aichele 

Bill and Marion Alexander 

Eugene and Brenda Anastasio 

Kory and Kristin Auch 

William Bader 

Allison and Colleen Barno 

Cate Barron and Bob Vucic 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Beyer 

Bill and Betty Blando 

Howell P. and Nancy S. Brookes 

Gil Brown and Pedro Lozada 

Alison and Paul Coppock 

Laura, Dave and Diane Dugan 

Sue and Arthur Dym 

Dawn and Curt Eichelberger 

Brenda Eppley 

John J. Fabian Jr 

David Forney 

Jonathan Freeman 

Edward H. Fuhrer 

Terry and Wanda Godar 

Margaret Grotzinger and Mark Glick 

Dr. Roger and Joyce Gustavson 

Jim and Mimi Handshaw 

A Friend 

Rod and Teddy Hite 

Thomas G. Hostetter 

Kevin Kateluzos 

Dr. Michael Katzman and Dr. Margery Wasko 

Eileen and George Kunkle 

Shirley H. Leisure 

Tanya Leshko and Joseph Blevins 

Diane Martin 

Bryan and Deb McKee 

Joe McLaughlin and Claire Powers 

Larry and Mitzi Means 

Steve Morgan 

Dave Olmsted 

Ms. Sondra Osler 

H. Sheldon Parker 

Helen Sajer 

Israel and Elaine Schwab 

Kristin Scofield 

Mitchell Sensenig 

Kenneth D. Sherrick 

Hilary M. Simpson 

Alyce Spector 

Marian M. Warden 

Gregg L. Warner 

Dr. Marcia Wilf 

Jerry Woolf 

Mary and Roy Zimmerman 

Marlene and Ken Zook 

The Not Ready for Drive Time Players 


$100 – $249 

Marilynn and Richard Abrams 

Anita M. Acri 

Allen’s Memory Lane 

Donald and Anne Alsedek 

Dr. Beth Anderson 

A Friend 

Nancy and Ron Bachman 

Daniel and Carolyn Barber 

Bruce and Barbara Bazelon 

Carol Beamesderfer 

Diane Beible 

Charles and Virginia Berry 

Anna Bianco 

Rose Blecker and Jodi Blecker Lowit 

Phillip and Leslie Bloom 

A Friend 

Lois R. Brenner 

Marcia P. Bryant 

Nisha Cartee 

Jim and Andrea Catlin 

Vicki Chieppa 

Robyn and Erik Chotiner 

Mike Chwastyk and Faith Pearlstein 

Keith A. and Linda G. Clark 

Lois B. Colpo 

Kate and Ron Conard 

Timi Joan Conway WoLov 

Becky and Mike Cover 

Cunningham, Chernicoff & Warshawsky, P.C. 

Barbara Danowitz 

Ray Davis 

Chris Dawson Architect 

Madeleine and Chuck DeHart 

Karen Diener Best 

Joe and Betsy Dorbian 

Robin and Carolyn Dorff 

Margery Krevsky Dosey and Michael Dosey 

John and Michelle Duggan 

Carolyn Dumaresq 

Christine Dutton 

Mr & Mrs Bob Eberly 

Tita and I.S. Eberly 

Vicki England-Cloos 

George and Ella Mae Erford 

Scott and Tana Eshenaur 

Steven and Kristen Etter 

John B. Fay 

James and Carol Ford 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Forman 

Marsha Fortney 

Richard Fowler 

Marian Frankston and Burton Morris 

Janet Freedman and Larry Robertson 

Lonnie Friedman 

Anna Gabor 

Michael and Susan Gluck 

A Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and Sara Goss 

Dan and Gloria Grabenstein 

Damien and Cynthia Graeff 

Holly Green 

Elaine and Glen Grell 

John, Randy and Barbara Grespin 

Mary Ann E. Guerrisi 

Lee and Jody Harclerode 

Greg and Lois Harris 

Estelle Hartranft 

Pat Hartranft 

Representative Sue Helm 

Sharyn-Carol Herzog 

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA’s 0309 Arthur and Carol Hoffman Family Fund 

Barry and Judy Hoffman 

Jennifer Hoffman 

Donna and Phil Hoskins-Helm 

Anand Jagannath and Wendy Schaenen 

Jill and Stephen Jahn 

Chris Johnson 

James and Sandra Jones 

Ann Marie Judson 

Harriet L. Katz 

Kelli Kauterman and David Richwine 

Elizabeth Kelpen 

Sally Klein 

Ross Kline and Pamela Datsko 

Leslie Kocher 

Sanford Krevsky 

Doris and George Krevsky 

Mona Krevsky and Alan Weinberg 

Tamar Krevsky-Puckett and Glenn Puckett 

Jonathan W. Kunkel 

Keith and Sheila Lampel 

Martin and Sheri Lane 

Ms. Janice Lapitsky 

Gail and Kim Ledger 

Dean and Lynne Leis 

Ron Lench 

Drs. Yehoshua and Danielle Levine 

Carol Levinthal 

Patti and Gary Lightman 

Robert Little 

Betty K MacLaughlin 

Doug Macut 

Paul Mahoney 

Brandi and Ralph Manna 

Eileen M. Marcus 

Michael C. Mark 

Andrea and Jeff Martin 

Jim Massey 

Clyde and Barbara McGeary 

Robert and Mary F. McManiman 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mead 

Susan Miller 

Mickey Minnich 

Curtis Mittong 

Ann and George Moffitt 

John Montgomery 

David J. Morrison 

William F. Murphey 

Martin and Lucy Murray 

Helen and Spencer Nauman 

Mel Nelson 

Kristi and Mark Ondo 

Nancy Parson 

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Pepper 

Kay and Bill Pickering 

Joseph and Jody Rebarchak 

Theodore and Lori Reese 

David Remmel 

Henry W. Rhoads 

George and Phyllis Riddle 

Deborah and Robert Saline 

Alan and Caren Schein 

Marie B. and Carl W. Schleicher 

Ryan Dean Schoening 

Linda Schwab 

Sam and Carol Selcher 

Steve and Anna Severino 

Wendy D. Shaffer 

Hersha H. and Hasu P. Shah 

Julie Sherman and Marty Rogoff 

Ellen M. Siddons 

Brian Silva 

Michael and Lisa Silver 

Zachary and Nancy Simmons 

Vicki Smeltz 

Jane and Lee Smigel 

Carol Smith 

Edward and Marie Smith 

Dick and Pam Snyder 

Bobby Snyder 

Sheri and Michael Solomon 

William and Carol Spahr 

Charlotte and David Spector 

Katie Stegmeier Helm 

Harriet and Herb Stein 

Elaine and Elliot Strokoff 

The Jewish Community Foundation of Central PA’s 0016 Sussman Family Philanthropic Fund 

Pat Taksen 

Sheila Targan 

Felix Thau and Roberta L. Silver 

Ford and Nancy Thompson 

Leonard Tintner 

Dean Touloumes 

A Friend 

Timothy and Mary Webber Weston In and Out Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities 

Michael and Miriam Weinstock 

Joan and Horst Wels 

George and Donna West 

Michael Wilson 

Justin and Alyssa Wingenfield 

Susan Wong 

Charles Yanofsky 

Paul and Cindy Dlugolecki 

Toby Yoffe 

Viki and Jere Zarkin, DMD 

Judith L. Zerbe 

Fern and Howard Zlotoff 


$50 – $99 

John G. Alford 

Carolyn M. Anner 

Susan L. Anthony 

Dr. Raphael and Dorothea Aronson 

Diane Bateman 

Ed and Esther Beck 

Mike and Beth Berney 

Myerlin Bloom 

Shirley J. Bolan 

Don and Lil Boose 

Joe Brown 

Ronald and Beth Butler 

Jill Carre 

Lee Casher and Monroe Rockmaker 

Alan and Cory Ceperich 

Brendalynne Danowitz 

Paige Danowitz 

Tom and Jonelle Darr 

David and Sherri DelBiondo 

Faye Doctrow 

Michael and Ricci Doctrow 

Mike and Ruby Doub 

Dave and Diane Dugan 

Sharon G. Etter 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Feinerman 

Edward Finkelstein 

Marianna R. Flowers 

Jessie C. Fordham 

Jill M. Freedman 

Sandra Gardosik 

Dick and Denise Gmerek 

Diane and Michael Goldberg 

Beth and Larry Goldstein 

Lynn Graham 

Joyce Green 

David Greenwald 

Monica Haltrecht 

Michael and Nancy Heit 

Linda Herman 

Scott, Gaye and Megan Hicks 

Drs. John and Josee Homza 

Beverly Isaacman 

Jacqueline B. Jackson, Ph.D. 

Lawrence M and Mari Anne J Kapenstein 

Betsy and Murray Katz 

Stuart and Eileen Kranzel 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Kutz 

Linda and Jay Laff 

Chris Lahr 

Marney R. Lappley 

Paul and Mimi Latchford 

A Friend 

Roger and Diann Levin 

Varsha S. Lift 

Neil and Joanne Luke 

Neysa and Mark Maisel 

Rob Martin 

Shari Massini 

Linda and Karl Matter 

Valerie T. McCaffrey 

Rebecca McClure 

Peter McCue 

Dr. Paul and Suzanne Michelson 

Sonya Mink 

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Morrison 

Lori Myers 

Herb and Donna Nurick 

Ilene Oken 

Frank and Karen Paris 

Herb and Marcy Parnes 

Cheryl Petroff 

Sidney and Hanna Pollack 

Nathan Putterman 

Sandy Rabin 

Martin and Janice Radiss 

Larry, Deb and Ben Rand 

Sara Rappolt 

Alison Reed Fry and Andy Fry 

Lorien Reese Mahay 

Dr. Desmond and Madeline Reilly 

Gail E. Riegler 

Allen Rosen 

Jacob Rosen 

Dennis R. Rosenberg 

Mrs. Jennifer Ross 

Nina Rovner 

David Rubinsky 

Stuart and Myra Sacks 

A Friend 

Susan and Gary Sayers 

Niema and David Schertz 

Patricia Sells 

Mickey and Terri Shapiro 

Arnie Shienvold 

Kevin, Mary and Brian Silva 

Dr. Lawrence Silver 

Harold and Debbie Spencer 

Fred and Mary Sprunk 

Brian Staub 

James Sudhalter 

Rob and Heidi Sykes 

Kitti Taylor 

Rita C. Wambach 

Marcie and Larry Warner 

Steven and Enid Wassner 

Arlynn and Neil Weber 

Charles D.A. Wilson 

Jeffrey C. Woodyard 

Susan Wray Danowitz 

Sue Yenchko 

Clare Young 

Robert and Louann Zinsmeister 


UP TO $49 

Sarah E. Appleby 

Nancy Bayuk 

Alison Beth 

Amy and Kevin Bobb 

Elizabeth Bojsza 

Harry and Roslyn Borger 

Anita Boyer 

H.L. Van Brederode 

Dr. Maury Brenner 

Richard and Mollie Bronstein 

Bob and Eliz DeSousa 

Jane Ebersole 

David and Laura Erb 

Drew and Kimberly Evanoff 

Christian Evans 

Meaghan Farrell 

Terry Fisher 

Robert and Agharese Ness 

Kathleen Pavelko and Eugene Borza 

Cade Pickel 

Pamela Celeste Reese 

Beth and Andrew Romano 

Phyllis M. Schell 

Robin Schuldenfrei 

Ayelet Shanken 

Mark Shelleman 

Eva and Lee Siegel 

Matt Spencer 

Lee M. Spitalny 

Kelly Sprout 

Randy Stamm 

Rachel Zilbering 


The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

The Josiah W. & Bessie H. Kline Foundation

McCormick Family Foundation

U.S. Small Business Administration

In the world of theatre, an “Angel” is a financial backer who ensures the show will go on.


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